Importance of Automated Manifest System for Freight Forwarding & Shipments

Freight forwarders, freight agencies and carriers have to file AMS for processing shipments coming into the US. Each day we could see every business handling different types of documents, Automated Manifest system (AMS) is an electronic system that records for transferring and verifying cargo data. Widely used by Transporters to record the arrival and release information in transference from one shipment supplier to another.

Forwarders submit customs entry lodgment before the ship arrives in port, from information collected from the ocean manifest. With this software customs officials can easily identify threats, allow non-threatening shipments to pass through uninhibited. In most cases, with accurate AMS data, your cargo won’t warrant examination and can be released immediately.

In today’s digital age, to keep up with stiff competition SNSF logistics ERP software enables the logistics and freight forwarding companies to control & manage Air Freight, Sea Freight, Land Freight, Warehouse, Transport, and Customs to streamline operations and deliver global level services to its customers. With SNSF freight forwarding software, AMS is simple to manage.

Automated Manifest System features

  • eliminates the need to retype information already stored in your company’s database using our auto-fill feature provided with the software.
  • communication infrastructure necessary for a stable, secure and bi-directional communication with customs
  • Save time and hassles by directly exchanging information in electronic form with all the airlines
  • Collaborative information platform for all key partners in supply chain.

Advantages of Automated Manifest System

  • Digitization of documents allowing for easy reference
  • Elimination of unnecessary paperwork
  • Reducing downtime through precise and punctual data entry
  • Made it easier to archive documents

Our solutions are used by shipping companies and freight forwarders to prepare the necessary documents and remain in control of their operations. With our modules, you can process shipments from beginning to end while also calculating charges, generating invoices, and much more. Contact us for details.