Freight Forwarding System

Freight Forwarding System

This is an acutely cohesive system that meet end-to-end needs of Freight Forwarders. It integrates with every aspect of freight forwarding operation like consolidation, import and export, transhipment, on-forwarding etc. for air freight, ocean freight and customs activities, and drives complete automation. Our Freight forwarding system ensures to drive efficiency and improve bottom line results through real-time information exchange during the entire freight operations process. With this execution of import and export shipments for all modes of domestic/international transportation is of great ease.

freight forwarding system

Freight forwarding system features

  • Streamlined management of custom clearance
  • Support for complete quotation management system
  • Stand Alone Clearance: Customer specifically request to clear the goods from the Air/Sea Ports
  • Freight Forwarding with Custom Clearance: Clearing & Forwarding the goods from port and delivers to Customer Address/Warehouse
  • Organize tracking of routing order and maintains log with Agent status
  • Manages Direct(Single) & Console (Consolidate) process based on the customer needs for air & ocean freight shipments for Import/Export activities.
  • Sub Jobs can be created for Console Jobs
  • Able to transfer the cost from the main to sub jobs
  • Classification of commodities based on Harmonized System(HS) Code
  • Enhance to create additional charges for services along with few standard charges
  • Cargo Arrival Notification can be prepared for easy reference
  • Integrated with Accounts Modules.
  • System enabled with VAT in accounting

The following entities will play crucial productive role in the module

  • Account Handler
  • Documentation Assistant
  • Messenger Coordinator
  • Transport Coordinator


  • Tracking Routing Order
    Tracking Routing Order

  • Easy to create the rule for routing order

  • Transport documentation can be generated with few clicks
  • Auto Email trigger to Customer
    Automatic Email trigger to Customer to get the approval / track the orders
  • Maintaining Clearance & Forwarding Jobs
    Maintaining Clearance & Forwarding Jobs
  • Capturing
    Capturing HS Code for the Job
  • Various possible
    Various possible interfaces and EDI links
  • Track the finance
    Track the finance and accounting details efficient and fast

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