Document Management

Document Management

Business has to deal with paper based document and this system helps convert these into digitalized documents and lower risk. Document Management System module in the Logistics ERP software helps store, manage and track electronic documents stored in a central repository, organize in ways that make sense for your workflow and access needs.

Document Management


  • This module is to manage the document collection / delivery requests from other modules of this solution.
  • Requests can be assigned to messengers via messenger coordinators and track the status of the request.
  • Able to track the status and messengers can upload the collected documents then and there.
  • Module is fully integrated with multi page scanner and enabled with barcode mechanism to integrate easily with other modules.


  • Easily retrieve
    Easily retrieve a specific document with a quick search

  • Access the documents over the web as and when required

  • Able to scan multiple pages in a single instance

  • Upload & downloading can be done via Mobile Apps for quick process
  • collaborate projects
    Collaborate with colleagues on documents and projects

  • Coordinate effectively and respond more quickly

  • Tracking of documents to be collected & delivered can be handled

  • Barcode based numbering system helps to identify the documents

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