Manage all aspects of Logistics Enterprise

Logistics ERP Features

ERP software has features / modules to manage users, customers, suppliers, manufacturers, Quotations, Depot, Warehouse, Transport, Sales, Inventory & Accounts. With the help of this Logistics ERP Software supply chain company users can have control over the warehouse activities that reduce overhead and operational costs besides improve customer service that offers a sustainable competitive advantage.

With this feature rich Software Logistics service providers, Supply chain Management service providers can improve business workflow and increase speed that will bring business success.

User Management

Admin User can provide proper accessibility

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Customer Relationship Management

Easily manages customer data & customer interaction

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Quotation Management

Generates & maintains quotations

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Depot Management

Efficiently manages & handles any size depot

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Transport Management

Monitors the entire life cycle of transportation

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Freight Forwarding

Accelerates processes & handles shipment needs

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Document Management

Stores, manages & tracks content repository

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Mobile Apps & Reports

Receive on- demand information on the go

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Warehouse Management

Centralised control & visibility on warehousing procedures

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