Quotation Management System

Quotation Management

Web based Quotation Management System enables the system users to create the commercial quotation for the various services provided across Logistics industry. It has outstanding features that streamline the business process and allows organization to create, submit and track quotes. It’s ideal to create, revise/modify, monitor, complex quotations and document all the enquiries, generate accurate quotes on time, increase productivity, reduce turnaround time. The module has provisions to include additional charges for transportation, local charges and others (if any), customers can approve the quotation from their end by logging into the system. The quotations generated from QMS would serve as an input to the deals.

quotation manageement

The services for which quotations can be generated are as below

  • Air & Sea -Import/Export Quote with tariff
  • Sea Import & Air Export quote with Tariff
  • All in rate air & Sea Import/ Export – without Tariff
  • Quote for Warehouse Storage (open, covered, cold, hazardous)
  • Quote for Container repairing with tariff
  • Quote for container conversion (Houses, restaurants, shops)
  • Quote for custom clearance of goods (local& international)


  • Support quotation generation and manage central repository for all the quotes
  • Handle billing and shipping information within the application
  • Ability to select the required currency type and validity period of the quotation
  • Quote can be created for Customer or Agent based on the need
  • Integrated roles and permission management for multiple users.
  • Different Types of quotations can be maintained based on the customer needs like Freight Quotes (Air & Sea Import & Exports, Logistics, Custom Clearance, Container Repair, Conversion, Depot Other Items & International Projects)
  • Customer centric tariff can be generated . Once approved this tariff can be converted into customer tariff(quotations)
  • Create, manage and submit quote through a standard process
  • Revision of quotes can be done as many times needed without any additional work from beginning
  • Quote for multiple origin & destination can be created in single quotation. For example Hamburg(HAM) to Dubai(DXB) and Hong Kong(HKG) to Dubai(DXB).
  • Flexible option to include additional charges (Local Clearance & Transportation Charges)
  • Easy tracking of quotation on each process like submit, approval & rejection process based on hierarchical privileges


  • uicker conversion of existing open quotes into jobs
    Quicker conversion of existing open quotes into Jobs
  • Increases success and reduces the costs of failure
    Increases success and reduces the costs of failure

  • Central Platform for all services

  • Seamless tracking and reporting features
  • Reduced The turnaround time from day to minutes
    Reduce the turnaround time
  • Eliminate errors Improves
    Automated process for getting quotation approvals from high authorities

  • Reduce unnecessary paper works and errors

  • Increase sales forecasts for booked orders

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