Process automation in ERP logistics system will transform your company.

The efficiency and productivity of any business spells success for it. For that organisations have to streamline and digitise their operations and management. Your company needn’t waste time in repeated routine tasks that can be automated easily. Adopt process automation which is the key to making decisions better and also reducing costs.  Process automation spells the success in logistics management as ERP can simplify most processes. Forward looking companies implement a Logistics ERP solution to effectively streamline operations, to strengthen cooperation and engagement between all stakeholders. Digital transformation will make your business competitive and help scale up operations as per requirements.

StoreNShipFast is good example of a web-based logistics ERP solution that can be integrated into your system. This is a product from ANGLER, the comprehensive IT solutions and software company. Modern enterprises need to free their knowledge workers to enable them to innovate and perform well in their work.

The ERP system uses relevant information, both internal and external, for tasks and which can be accomplished without manual effort. So, organisations can choose, depending on the complexity and the stakeholder that are involved, the software to improve operational efficiency and reduce turnaround times. Integration of process automation with your ERP offers many benefits. Some of them are as below.

  • Automating will ensure traditional work on data with your teams will be done in a few minutes, cutting down times drastically.
  • Automation creates a paperless office with efficient data and document or file storage systems, integrated with ERP.
  • It is always available and retrievable instantly and in real-time, catering to any department, section or process of the enterprise.
  • ERP makes authorised access easy and use of data from the system for teams at any level. It cuts down the barriers of time and distance.
  • By applying predictive intelligence with process automation, organisations can make full use of digital assets.
  • Customer service also can be enhanced by process automation as contact concerned data can be updated and accessed automatically, with also verification, approval and rejection done automatically.
The advantage of logistics ERP software is that countless vendors can be accommodated with their variety of products over automated workflows. The system can also incorporate technologies and improve dramatically the end-user experience in the sense of more efficient workflows, supporting the entire production and logistics cycle, including warehouse operations and supply chain system.

StoreNShipFast software is a very capable logistics and inventory management software, is web-based and with mobile app integration, that provides many benefits mentioned here to improve vastly the operations of your business or service. Learn more about this versatile supply chain logistics solution from our website -  Use the enquiry form online to ask for a demo and we’ll be glad to respond to your query.