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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Logistics ERP Software

Is it possible to integrate with existing system?

Yes, you can integrate SNSF as a complete system or selective modules to your existing system. The integrations available with different options as integrations with database, CVS file, API services, etc. So without changing the existing software, you can integrate the missing module from SNSF, so that you can operate seamlessly.

Does the solution includes mobile application to cater business needs?

Yes, currently mobile apps are available for logistics coordinators and driver in android & iOS platforms. This helps to track real-time vehicle bookings, tracking of vehicle movements, receiving delivery acknowledgement, etc.

Any further customization is possible?

SNSF is built with SOA model. It is very easy to customize the software based on the specific needs of your business process. Hence, it takes minimal development time to reach market with customizations.