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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Logistics ERP Software

Can TMS saves cost for my logistics company?

Yes, we wrote specific algorithm for automate route optimization, career optimization, vehicle mapping, systematic custom clearance. All these process helps to save the efforts and manual errors in the transportation management solution. When you use it for log run, it significantly cut down the cost and efforts.

What are the integrations readily available with SNSF-TMS?

  • QuickBooks & Tally Accounting Integration
  • Mobile Communications
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Document Management
  • EDI (Electronic Document Interchange)
  • Depot Management Software

Does the transport managment software does manage workshop tyre fuel trip managment by distance and unit performance

Yes the basic info is captured in Transport management software For full fleet management. We also integrated with Trinetra Fleet management system for the effective result.