Factors to be Considered when selecting an ERP Software for Freight Forwarding Industry

Implementing the right ERP software for freight forwarding services will support the businesses to properly streamline and accommodate the business operation amongst the competitive markets around in the world. For that reason, before we plan to implement an ERP system, it is really important to take these following factors into our mind.

Cohesive system that meet end-to-end needs of Freight Forwarders

While selecting an ERP software first you need to check whether it is an integrated solution that meets all your freight forwarding related requirements. It must be effectively managing every aspect of freight forwarding operation like consolidation, import and export, transshipment, on-forwarding etc. for air freight, ocean freight and customs activities. This fully automated ERP software for freight forwarding will help you manage your business operations more efficient, accurate and cost effective.

Smart & secured data management system

The second and most significant factor you need to consider is secured & unified data management system. Unified data base will prevent from unnecessary delay and interruption while accessing data and it also protects from data duplication. The incorporated database really helps out business owners to track shipment-wise payment, profitability, outstanding details and performances.

Enhanced Reporting & document management

ERP system must have the feature of reporting which is the most essential element in the freight forwarding business. The ERP system should have the smart document management module to store, manage and track electronic reports including shipping-related reports, quotations, purchase order, invoice details, balance sheets, packing lists, etc., in a central repository, organize in ways that make sense for your workflow and access needs. This automation will directly help not just to retrieve document but to send these documents directly from system to the logistical chain partners.

Implementing a right ERP solution is a major decision, it will ensure the success of your business. Effectively run your business and improve bottom line results with our Store’n Ship Fast – Logistics ERP Software.