Integrated Supply Chain Operations to Significantly Improve Customer Satisfaction


In today’s digital world Customer expectations are growing, to meet up with these requirements supply chains must become faster, more granular, and much more precise. Digitization of the supply chain operations allows transporters & freight forwarding companies to decrease costs, decrease error and improve overall customer service as well. The complexity of the supply chain ends with adopting supply chain management software that contains helpful tools and programs to assist with data centralization and standardization.

Increased Collaboration & Data Visibility

Supply chain integration is promoting collaboration & increasing connectivity. By uniting disparate functions together throughout the entire value chain, from procurement to production planning to logistics decrease disconnects. Adopting logistics ERP Software enables you to integrate all of the business functions, centralize cross-operational data predominant to align with the end goal of reducing costs, waste, production time and response time.

Eliminate Waste & be cost efficient

With integrated logistics, organizations can respond effectively to unpredictability. Report on key metrics helps team to get real-time visibility into work as it happens. Roll-up reports, dashboards, and automated workflows keeps team connected and informed. Consolidating all of the supply, logistics, transportation, manufacturing, and procurement functions into one holistic supply chain management operation adds value to the customer. A combination of agile and lean supply chain practices ensures a win win relationship.


Decreasing wastefulness and increasing efficiency results in less money and resources wasted throughout the supply chain management to customer service departments. Instead of working in separate silos, owing a Logistics ERP software system will integrate all supply chain related activities & enable Organisations to clearly view the activities and processes that one another are doing in real time. Of course establishing a Virtual integral / Horizontal Integration allows all stakeholders to access data and communicate with all others.  It helps to eliminate problems such as:

  • High inventory costs.
  • Production slowdowns resulting from a lack of purchased materials or components.
  • Poor tracking of supplier transactions.
  • Confused purchasing processes.
  • Inadequately managed supplier relationships.
  • Supplier errors and order processing problems.

Over time, a properly integrated supply chain can help to lead to a very profitable system that works for everyone, especially the customers.  Many logistics companies are looking for supply chain integration as it has evolved as business necessity for enhancing competitive advantage. For more information about how to build an integrated supply chain in order to improve business processes and help you transform your operations, leave an enquiry to get details.

4 Reasons Why to Upgrade Transportation Management System

Transportation Management System

Shipping and logistics businesses are continuously striving to better their operations as well provide best services to their customers. To gain an edge in an ever changing marketplace logistics companies and supply chain firms are adopting transportation management system (TMS). TMS software addresses ongoing challenges, the industry faces and connects internal & external logistics process. By digitally transforming necessary transportation management processes you could pull reports that assist you to monitor critical metrics.

A right transportation management system facilitates transportation companies to deal with their routine logistics tasks, manage business processes by compiling data, reduce freight costs through route adjustments, and implement new procedures that improve their services. Actually, the Transport management software application functions as the primary hub for executing transportation operations. It’s well aligned to meet with shippers, carriers and logistics provider preferences.

Warehouse Management & Optimization

A transportation management system will facilitate you to have a well-organized warehouse. Warehouse optimization helps you better plan the movement of goods across your supply chain as well assists plan the overall capacity of loading the fleets. Through optimization of routes and load-balancing less than full truckload is convertible to full truckload, you can further lower your freight expenses, save 15% of the overall resource costs.

Manage Delivery Better

Achieve new delivery capabilities by tracking the lifecycle of your orders and deliveries in real-time by using the right Transportation Management System(TMS). Efficient route planning with the help of predictive analytics allows you to send accurate delivery alerts to your customers.  With TMS you could cut down on inefficiencies in your routes, get more deliveries done, faster.

Express Tracking

Transportation Management System software helps in managing the exact movement & location when on road. With every shipment, a tracking alert is sent to the manager and LIVE logistics management will be using precise geo-coded data points. This helps the logistics & warehouse managers track not just the delay or route deviations but also the state of merchandise.

Comprehensive Reporting

Transportation management systems software will offer you comprehensive reports to analyze things and extract helpful insights. With custom reports streamline the shipping process and always look for ways to save time and reduce spend on future shipments. By utilizing TMS dashboard get a complete picture of your operations, discover key trends and patterns. to make informed business decisions.

We can help you connect every aspect of your supply chain and reduce your expenses significantly. Drop us a line to know more about our Transportation Management System (TMS) Software. We will get in touch to discuss upon your expectations.

Top 3 Reasons to Consider Cloud based Warehouse Management System

Cloud Based Warehouse Management System

With the internet and digital technology evolving it’s not enough to do things the old way. To outrun the competition all you need to do is optimize supply chain operations to cloud and keep up with speed of your business. A faster, cost-effective, and agile warehouse is what you could get by transforming to cloud based WMS.  With cloud based Warehouse Management System in place you can connect & optimize every corner of your supply chain. By using Cloud based WMS transport service providers can organize and optimize operations. The distribution centre management speeds the flow of goods and information.

Why Cloud based Warehouse Management System

Cloud warehouse management system can be accessed through a connection to the internet, the platform is managed by your vendor at all times.

Scalability Is Limitless with cloud based WMS

The first issue presented by a non-purpose, traditional Warehouse Management System solution is scalability. Existing systems may lack the capacity to increase the number of SKUs managed, and as SKU proliferation continues, this problem will result in severe bottlenecks and delays in fulfilling orders. Meanwhile, a cloud-based WMS offers near-limitless capability, leveraging the resources and best companies for those of any size. A cloud-based WMS is more practical and remains uncomplicated for the end user.

Cloud Systems Enhance Cyber-security

Cyber-security is a critical component of any successful system that leverages the Internet, and the web-based capabilities of cloud-based systems require an unmatched level of cyber-security. Although cyber-security may not seem like a significant issue for the modern warehouse, cyber-security is critical to guaranteeing customer support in building brand value.

Since cloud-based vendors reside in the cloud and have significant risk to cyber-attacks, vendors have devoted millions in developing advanced cyber-security measures, so your company can effectually take advantage of cyber-security initiatives and protocols without the investment and development costs of implementing cyber-security measures in your enterprise.

Provides Functions of Multiple Warehouse Systems

In the contemporary world, the capabilities of a cloud based Warehouse Management System have merged with a Warehouse Execution Systems (WES), Warehouse Control Systems (WCS), and other types of systems used to manage supply chain functions. A cloud-based system allows companies to take advantage of multiple system functionalities within a central system. Of course, the use of a cloud-based WMS provides for easier integration between systems, so companies may leverage new technology and platforms as they become available.

Speak to one of our team to understand how Store’n Ship Fast’s cloud based warehouse management system can support your warehouse processes, increase customer service & efficiency across a range of automated supply chain operations.

Importance of Automated Manifest System for Freight Forwarding & Shipments

freight forwarding system

Freight forwarders, freight agencies and carriers have to file AMS for processing shipments coming into the US. Each day we could see every business handling different types of documents, Automated Manifest system (AMS) is an electronic system that records for transferring and verifying cargo data. Widely used by Transporters to record the arrival and release information in transference from one shipment supplier to another.

Forwarders submit customs entry lodgment before the ship arrives in port, from information collected from the ocean manifest. With this software customs officials can easily identify threats, allow non-threatening shipments to pass through uninhibited. In most cases, with accurate AMS data, your cargo won’t warrant examination and can be released immediately.

In today’s digital age, to keep up with stiff competition SNSF logistics ERP software enables the logistics and freight forwarding companies to control & manage Air Freight, Sea Freight, Land Freight, Warehouse, Transport, and Customs to streamline operations and deliver global level services to its customers. With SNSF freight forwarding software, AMS is simple to manage.

Automated Manifest System features

  • eliminates the need to retype information already stored in your company’s database using our auto-fill feature provided with the software.
  • communication infrastructure necessary for a stable, secure and bi-directional communication with customs
  • Save time and hassles by directly exchanging information in electronic form with all the airlines
  • Collaborative information platform for all key partners in supply chain.

Advantages of Automated Manifest System

  • Digitization of documents allowing for easy reference
  • Elimination of unnecessary paperwork
  • Reducing downtime through precise and punctual data entry
  • Made it easier to archive documents

Our solutions are used by shipping companies and freight forwarders to prepare the necessary documents and remain in control of their operations. With our modules, you can process shipments from beginning to end while also calculating charges, generating invoices, and much more. Contact us for details.

Warehouse Management System becomes vital to Overcome biggest pain points in Warehousing

Warehouse Management System

Warehouse operating companies using old systems now need to future-proof your business and invest in Warehouse Management System Software that allows become more responsive to market need. To operate at peak efficiency as well reduce labor expenses and infrastructure costs implement a reliable WMS solution is set to play a big part.

Warehouse management forms the central of supply chain management lifecycle. If your warehouse management processes become inefficient and inaccurate, it can derail your entire operation. In today’s situation of integrated logistics most organizations are owing a Warehouse Management Software for enhancing customer service.

Logistics company & warehouse operators using Warehouse Management System can get to know improvement areas that need to be taken care about to take your business to another level.

Time loss due to inefficient picking :

Manual entry can also slow down your ability to create shipping labels and other documents. A WMS can help you address this main pain point by automating these works. Maintaining improper stock levels and buildups of obsolete inventory case picking problems & lost revenue. WMS lets streamlines the warehousing process & removes redundant processes that lowers productivity.

Warehouse Space Utilization :

Space is a finite resource, explosion in the variety of goods add to the operational woes. To quicken the pick-up, and shorten the lead times avoid lift truck drivers traveling time to the farthest reaches of the warehouse.Consider maximizing the use of space by streamlining dock-to-stock processes by deploying warehouse management system that systematically locates the products in relation to receiving, packaging, and shipping areas.

Managing Warehouse data.

The supply chain produces a large amount of data that first needs to be collected and then analyzed. WMS helps you get out from problems like overstocks, stock-outs and drill down into data which optimize your warehouse management practices and your profits.

With WMS optimize all the warehouse processes and serve their customers with precise and accurate information. If you prefer adopting this innovative warehouse technology feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

How Implementing Logistics ERP Software helps improves Supply Chain Industry efficiency and profits

Digital Solutions redefines the way of Transportation & Logistics Industry management. Logistics ERP Software with features to manage warehouse, Depot, Transport, Freight reduces overall operational costs and eliminates supply chain issues. With this Logistics ERP Software Solution 3PL’s, Freight Forwarders, logistics and supply management firms can integrate all functional aspects and improve efficiency.

Mobility Makes Execution Faster & better :

Mobility aids more visibility & agility to the functions of a supply chain business. It contributes to inform the status of the supply chain to all stakeholders in the ecosystem it operates in (Logistics Service Providers, Customers, Suppliers, Agents, Carriers, etc).

End-to-End Visibility : 

This feature is extremely useful for logistics and supply management companies that need to respond to changes in the logistics / supply chain as and when they arise and to avoid problems, bottlenecks, missing goods etc. With almost near real-time information available execution of entire processes is made smooth and almost error free.

Organized Operations:

The basic advantage is that clients can easily manage and monitor shipment activities going on in different facets. This supply chain management software leads to optimize operational efficiency, minimize operational costs at the same time deliver high customer satisfaction. Valuable insights you fetch from the logistics ERP system, helps manage things without manual errors and contributes a lot to improve efficacy.

Still if you delay with implementing an ERP software for Transportation & logistics operation then it can cost you high so to deliver high value for your clients and  to drive a competitive advantage in the most efficient way possible contact us  today.

The New Innovative way for traditional freight forwarders to digitalize & accelerate efficiencies

Freight Forwarding System

Essentials of Technology Competency

In today’s time, we could see logistics & freight forwarding companies automating manual processes to reduce certain back-office operations and promptly improve the customer experience. By digitalizing traditional freight forwarding process freight forwarders can save 40% operations cost besides eliminate established operational inefficiencies.

With this freight forwarding software, you can centralize all aspects of your freight business in one place. This software leads to build agility and respond swiftly to the changes in the industry.

FMS for logistics Company : 

Having owned a Freight Management System, you could allow importers & exporters to share and view relevant information. It’s features & modules enable you to connect to your business anywhere any time. Let’s user to keep hold on document management and compliance with applicable trade laws. Logistics company using this can witness huge positive influence. It will not only lead to data transparency but also bring in accuracy and productivity.

FMS helps Manage end-to-end operations : 

Our comprehensive solution is specifically designed around freight forwarders’ tracking challenges, and requirements. It various on-demand features to suit small businesses, mid-sized freight forwarding companies and enterprises, it integrates the entire operations, branches and all the stake holders of the supply chain into single application and aims at optimizing the entire business management. You can manage the shipment inventory, receipts, and accounting information related to certain shipment.

Benefits of digitalization : 

• Enables Freight forwarders to send automated confirmation emails, and even provide instant quotations.

• Increased tracking ensure customers stay informed for maximizing operational efficiency and profitability.

• Real time communication between suppliers, customers and the workers help execute with efficiency.

• Helps store, manage, and track electronic documents stored in a central repository, organize in ways that make sense for your workflow and access needs.

• Integration with other existing system streamlines processes, reduces costs, and ensures efficiency.

• Automating of tasks will make supply chains faster, more resilient, clearly customer-oriented and at a lower cost.

To make substantial cost as well enable employees and stakeholders in the company to use the software in the best possible manner Call us now and request your free demo.

Comprehensive Depot Management Software Solution for Container Depots

Container Depot Management System

As the requirements of diverse business differ container depot managers need to meet the competition by levering full featured depot management software system that cut cost & helps stay ahead of the curve. With a web-based full service depot management solution freight forwarder, cargo transport company, logistics operator can automate & improve the entire process. Customized modules in DMS facilitates smooth operation of container yard without much manual work.

To streamline & optimize the operational, administrative, commercial processes of container yards in different locations integrate Depot Management System. Centralization will provide supply chain visibility, eliminate data silos, automate business processes, and support decision-making.

Seamlessly Manage Core Depot Operations

  • Gate in / out moves, Container Inspection and Repair, Tracking of Container Movement history, Stores and Spares Control, Comprehensive Billing with enhanced reporting support.
  • Customers can access this web interface also from a wide variety of internet enabled devices including smart phones and tablets.
  • Integrates with inventory and accounts modules & helps do manage the transactions related to container repair, container conversion and storage handling activities.
  • Records job order / work order progress, transfers, inspection, EIR out entry, complete container storage statistics, transfer of cost and ownership reports in detail
  • Container damage related information can be recorded and estimates can be created accurately to effectively support and maximize productivity

In the changing world of shipping and freight implementation of a Depot management software solution with electronic data interface process will bring verifiable value to the bottom line. allows for more streamlined communication and better allocation of employee resources.

To address the real time challenges in the operation of Container depot manager and maximize productivity leave us an enquiry.

Logistics Management Software actually makes your business process more efficient.

Logistics ERP Software

It is the efficiency and productivity produced by the management of any business that invokes success for it. Proactive companies in transportation and logistics implement a Logistics ERP solution to effectively streamline their operations and to strengthen the cooperation and engagement of all stakeholders. A logistic management software (LMS) can make not only the logistics part more efficient but the whole business process also.

The Logistic ERP behind the processes, improves business efficiency and productivity by making various sectors of the company cooperate by prompt communication and exchange of other info. The logistics management software also helps warehouse operations along with a multitude of elements in the process. The software gives many advantages that saves time and money, adds to efficiency.

Advantages of the Logistics Management Software.

Logistics use tools, hardware, software and process to track movement of goods/products to get visibility for managers involved, thus enhancing their effectiveness. An LMS will help to organise and distribute goods efficiently to reach the delivery point much faster, without human errors that may upset the process. The LMS helps warehousing tasks with correct storage logic and layout details to optimise the production chain, storage space and reduce transport costs.

Another aspect of the software is its ability to complete complicated calculations necessary to analyse data, which saves time and money. The software can analyse data to help identify the most cost-efficient factors, not just based on price but on many other factors.

As per a study by Forrester companies that adopt and master automation will dominate their respective markets. Automation of processes can free the employees to enable them to do their work better. The automated process is completely paperless and helps store and retrieve data in real-time through the document management module, cutting down on mundane tasks.

Choose the right Logistics ERP Solution.

StoreNShipFast is good example of a web-based logistics ERP solution that can be integrated into your management system. This is a product from ANGLER, the comprehensive IT solutions and software company based in India. The advantage of logistics ERP software is scalability. Countless vendors can be accommodated with innumerable variety of products. The software system can also incorporate technologies, automate processes  and improve dramatically the end-user experience supporting the entire production and logistics, including warehouse operations and supply chain system of the client.

As a very capable logistics and inventory management software, StoreNShipFast software is run on the web space and with mobile app integration, which provides many benefits, most already mentioned here, to vastly improve the operations and process of your business or service. Learn more about this versatile supply chain logistics solution from our website ( Submit the enquiry form online to ask for a demo and we’ll be glad to respond to you.


How Supply Chain Industries can get through the COVID-19 Crisis

In the wake of COVID-19, how can companies increase the resilience in their supply systems? What are forever changes that companies need to adapt to, to ensure long-term success? Here are some tips to be suggested to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic situations.

Leverage analytics for shortage analysis: 

Most of us have seen a supply-versus-demand stock out. But many organizations have never built this simple analysis into a full report for real-time shortage visibility. Supply chain analytics can quickly help you identify precisely which items require the most urgent attention, which items are expected to run out one or two weeks from now, and so on. When you move into crisis mode, it’s critical that you’re able to identify items at risk of stock out so you can take early action.

Adding two relatively simple analytics to the standard supply-demand analysis can create a report that provides the insights you need.

  • Identify the first instance of shortage. That way, the earliest problem items—where demand will exceed supply—rise to the top of the report.
  • By including or excluding items with purchase orders, you can identify what action is needed, Items with planned deliveries may need to be expedited, or have deliveries confirmed so you can be confident that supplies will really arrive as scheduled.

Use Logistics ERP Software to manage the supply chain Crisis:

We all talk about being “less reactive and more proactive.” But in fact,

  • Supply Chain S/w tools detect events faster and allow us to react faster for better outcomes.
  • 3PL Software help user anticipate where and when supply chain disruptions are more likely to occur, so we can proactively get ahead of them.

Move to a digital future:

  • Become a data driven enterprise: Data-driven enterprises are those that maximize the value of data and treat it as a strategic asset to anticipate and respond to future events.
  • Create the Ultimate Agile Enterprise: Model organization, processes and technology to achieve speed, adaptiveness and stability.
  • Establish a Control Tower: Monitor the regulatory, market, customer and competitive environment to execute with certainty as markets begin to re-emerge.
  • Build virtual branches: Explore the possibility of converting smaller physical branches into permanent virtual branches.

Disruptions are inevitable, but good supply-chain practices help ensure that businesses are better prepared. That way, SNSF’s Logistics ERP Solutions are able to navigate disruptions today and adapt to changing markets and business dynamics in the future.

Check, we assist you to digitalize your core operations, to know more register for a free product demo.


Modern Warehouse Management System that helps you achieve your business goals

In today’s day & age to keep pace with changing Landscape you need to automate the operational functions, improve efficiency and reduce cost. Inline to this adopting a new Warehouse Management System would bring your warehouse into the 21st century. The key to this is finding one WMS that operates well with your current workflow. Warehouse managers who look to improve their bottom line can benefit from automation.

Warehouse Inventory management:

In fact, the benefits of warehouse automation are multi-fold, warehouse that is Public, Private or hybrid can make use of this WMS and automate their back office processes to increase productivity by leaps and bounds. Warehouses that installs Warehouse Management Software can streamline inventory management, get visibility onto more accurate inventory counts and related inventory data. Make sure to digitalize the inventory information that was traditionally maintained as hard copies and effectively locate the products in relation to receiving, racking, picking etc.

Minimize Tracking Time & Overall Cost:

For businesses which has its warehouse operation as the backbone, warehouse management system that integrates with Customer, Quotation, Inventory, Transport and Accounts modules is quite essential to ensure faster delivery cycle. WMS facilitates Industries to handle multiple warehouses, Trace & monitor if enough stock is available in the warehouse, if not when to order for more stock to prevent shortages. Besides enables to transfer the available stock Internal without shifting the CARGO physically.

Optimize Process & Increase Transparency:

Store different products in a warehouse depending on different factors like demand and weight, arrange in proximity based on processing of orders etc. The transparency is to such an extent you could access real-time data, allocates labor efficiently and above all optimize the warehouse processes seamlessly to accelerate warehouse tasks.

Contact us for a free demo by filling in the form below. We would love to serve you with our Warehouse Management Software that fulfills your requirement and plays a significant role in growing your supply chain business fast and strong.

Process automation in ERP logistics system will transform your company.

Logistics ERP Software

The efficiency and productivity of any business spells success for it. For that organisations have to streamline and digitise their operations and management. Your company needn’t waste time in repeated routine tasks that can be automated easily. Adopt process automation which is the key to making decisions better and also reducing costs.  Process automation spells the success in logistics management as ERP can simplify most processes. Forward looking companies implement a Logistics ERP solution to effectively streamline operations, to strengthen cooperation and engagement between all stakeholders. Digital transformation will make your business competitive and help scale up operations as per requirements.

StoreNShipFast is good example of a web-based logistics ERP solution that can be integrated into your system. This is a product from ANGLER, the comprehensive IT solutions and software company. Modern enterprises need to free their knowledge workers to enable them to innovate and perform well in their work.

The ERP system uses relevant information, both internal and external, for tasks and which can be accomplished without manual effort. So, organisations can choose, depending on the complexity and the stakeholder that are involved, the software to improve operational efficiency and reduce turnaround times. Integration of process automation with your ERP offers many benefits. Some of them are as below.

  • Automating will ensure traditional work on data with your teams will be done in a few minutes, cutting down times drastically.
  • Automation creates a paperless office with efficient data and document or file storage systems, integrated with ERP.
  • It is always available and retrievable instantly and in real-time, catering to any department, section or process of the enterprise.
  • ERP makes authorised access easy and use of data from the system for teams at any level. It cuts down the barriers of time and distance.
  • By applying predictive intelligence with process automation, organisations can make full use of digital assets.
  • Customer service also can be enhanced by process automation as contact concerned data can be updated and accessed automatically, with also verification, approval and rejection done automatically.

The advantage of logistics ERP software is that countless vendors can be accommodated with their variety of products over automated workflows. The system can also incorporate technologies and improve dramatically the end-user experience in the sense of more efficient workflows, supporting the entire production and logistics cycle, including warehouse operations and supply chain system.

StoreNShipFast software is a very capable logistics and inventory management software, is web-based and with mobile app integration, that provides many benefits mentioned here to improve vastly the operations of your business or service. Learn more about this versatile supply chain logistics solution from our website –  Use the enquiry form online to ask for a demo and we’ll be glad to respond to your query.