Efficient Order and Stock Management at warehouses makes your business more profitable

Modern warehouses play a crucial role in inventory management to streamline businesses, production and operations. Therefore, warehouse management which is a part of the larger inventory management process handling order and stocks, helps to monitor stock from the point of acquiring a product to the point of sale, in relation to the orders received. The warehouse is at the centre of the manufacturing and distribution of the supply chain operations. This why companies are adopting software applications to make operations and the business more efficient, scalable and profitable.

Why WMS software is gaining favour

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is made of software and processes that help businesses to control and administer warehouse operations from the point goods or materials enter the warehouse till they move out. WMS helps to move the goods and materials in and out of the warehouse in the most efficient and cost-effective way which includes picking, receiving, putting away and inventory tracking. Warehouse management systems work along with or are integrated with other enterprise systems, like ERP, started off on systems hosted on servers on the premises. Now this model has been evolving and changing and we find cloud-based WMS, as organisations and businesses realise the benefits of running web-based systems.

The main advantage gained over the on-premises system is easy accessibility from anywhere and it can be managed by a WMS vendor or service provider if required. Such WMS applications are less expensive to manage and find favour in the market especially SMEs. Larger enterprises can manage a highly customised system with resources of their IT department.

Advantages of Web-based WMS

An efficient Order and Stock Management software at warehouses is faster to implement as it is a web-based application. This means organisations have a faster way to positive ROI. This system has fewer hassles in scaling up and upgrades. This means very little time and resources are needed to upgrade the latest version. Cloud-based systems do not need installation and hardware to be deployed which is cost saving. Implementing a WMS software help save labour costs, improve Stock Management accuracy and flexibility, improves response time, reduces errors in picking/shipping of goods and improves customer relations.

This order and stock management software works with real-time data, giving managers the latest information on activities like shipment, receipts, orders and movement of goods. This digitised system also helps to integrate with an IoT system which reduces cost and allows more flexibility and responsiveness of the supply chains.

An effective WMS software will take care of inventory location tracking, regular inventory audits and help in accounting methods developed by the organisation. ANGLER offers you a cost-effective WMS software which is solution to mitigate challenges and handle the pain points of your order and stock management.