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4 Key Tips in Streamlining Warehouse Operations to Increase Efficiency

Streamlining Warehouse Operations

For most enterprises, warehousing is an important operation and warehouse managers of companies are always keen on improving efficiency of operations. Therefore, optimising warehouse operations is important and priority to improve overall efficiency of the operations like put-away, picking, loading and dispatch which will increase and affect timely delivery and quality of the system.

Objectives of Warehouse Operations

It is in terms of the number of items that have moved per hour or number of items that have been processed per hour, or a given time, that optimisation is recognised and measured. This needs the following to be carried out.

  • Reduce the steps needed to move the items for operators and the time involved
  • Measure accurately the movement of items both in and out of the warehouse to avoid correction and the extra time for it

Put-away Analysis: First identify the major functions that affect the efficiency of the warehouse to correct them. Make sure to optimise the put-away by slotting fast moving items at the right place with pallets to help in picking time.

Follow a Replenishment Strategy: The next step is to identify and replenish the items being stored with correct strategy to maximise throughput of the warehouse. It will be good to select face locations and bulk locations to help fast moving items for high throughput of the total inventory movement. This helps replenishment at regular intervals of designated bulk locations to pick face locations. This improves overall warehouse picking performance

Optimise your Outbound Operations: Another step to be taken is to increase the throughput of the warehouse by optimising outbound operations. Start from the customer order allocation and do the right break-up allocation of customer orders over bulk locations and pick face locations. Minimise the picking and replenishment tasks by allocating pallets to bulk locations. Thus avoid unnecessary fragmentation of inventory to improve throughput and performance. Ensure that the pick face locations are adequately stocked. Overall picking efficiency is improved as minimum number of items are handled in outbound operations.

Automate the processes: By adopting the right software for warehouse management system (WMS), you can automate many tasks involved in the process, thereby saving time and manpower costs. Without this WMS software it is highly complicated and too much dependent on operators to do the operations as defined and in the allocated time.


The right WMS software can not only manage operations efficiently within the warehouse but also offer the right tools to improve warehouse performance and productivity. We at SNSF can provide a customisable software application to help connect every aspect of your warehouse and logistics management. Enhance supply chain integration to reduce your expenses greatly.

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