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Logistics Solution with Internal & External Email Management improves Business

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The importance of an effective communication system in logistics is undeniable as managing the supply chain is one of the most challenging task for logistics companies. This is where a web-based logistics ERP software plays an important role. The objective of the solution is to automate the end-to-end process of the logistics company and support a communication channel to improve productivity.

Communication for transportation and logistics can be easily integrated into existing systems by using the right software solution with applications. The email management system that can be customized and automated can be quite helpful for effective communication. With simple API integration, it is a cost-effective, quick and reliable way to communicate, such as using an email management system, with your suppliers, customers, employees and drivers is possible for both internal and external purposes.

A software like SNSF facilitates to generate emails directly from the application and they can be triggered to customers, suppliers and agents, supported with the categorization of internal and external documents. Each department or division of the company can have a number of relevant files attached along with the email, like Quotation, invoice, cash receipts, credit notes, vouchers, Purchase Order, etc.

Facilitate Team Collaboration and improve productivity

If members of a team can share info quickly across departments, the operational process becomes efficient. Automated emails are tools to simplify communication for logistics for various stake holders in management, supply chain, production and marketing. The system offers ability to access all types of electronic messages in the same mail box to instantly trigger the required actions. The software for email management helps stakeholders to share information and trigger reminders quickly. It facilitates collaboration in real-time.

Automate process in Supply Chain Management

Customers expect delivery on time as their expectation continue to rise. If departments are not in proper sync, demand can exceed supply and there can be gaps in the way products reach warehouses. The emails with documents attached, help to streamline operations by minimizing costs. This tool helps unify departmental collaboration with timely email communication.

Transparency over Interactions

Right from pacing or booking an order till delivery and everything else in between, like getting support or complaints addressed, the support of email communication is important for interaction and transparency. It enables logistics companies to seamlessly collaborate with agents and customers in various locations in real-time while maintaining a standardized approach.

SNSF can provide a customization software application to help connect every aspect of your transport logistics management and supply chain integration to reduce your expenses significantly. Write to us to know more about our product. We will be happy to get in touch with you and discuss about your needs and expectations.