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Use Quotation Management Software & Optimize your Sales Cycle


Customer demands are constantly evolving with the development of technology, and automation is ruling every industry as it reduces the time involved and improves the accuracy of the data involved. Quotes and proposals are an essential part of a business, to save your time and open the door to more business opportunities generating quotations accurately in real-time determine the success ratio. Logistics & Transportation services company investing in digital transformation of quotation management & generation can make a massive difference, swiftly produce quotations that meet potential customers' expectations.

Quotation Management Software facilitates user to instantly generate multiple quotations for a single customer by making use of the integrated charge master. With this digitization solution shipping companies could simplify their entire quotation process. Customers can easily log in & approve the quotation from their end by logging into the system. The customer no longer has to be annoyed with user privileges can keep the sensitive information within the quotes extremely secure.

  • It’s ideal to create quotations without tariffs
  • streamlines the process in the sales cycle with predefined charges
  • It lets you to effortlessly get quote approval and send quotes directly to customers
  • Revise/modify an existing quote with validity extending facility
  • Central repository of multiple quotes for a customer
  • Track submitted quotes within minutes & gain insights
  • Offers quote solution for all modalities (sea freight transport, road transport or air freight transport)
  • Quicker conversion of existing open quotes into Jobs

This automated quotation management software system caters to both importer and exporter as per their varying need. Above all its feature to quote for multiple origin & destination in single quotation reduces turnaround time and helps client to forecast & increase sales closure for booked orders. The key benefit here is that the software saves you much e-mailing and telephoning time, thus money. You will maintain privacy of your quotes by restricting access to only people who need to know, receive a response when the customer has accepted or rejected your quote.


Adopt our freight Quotation Management Software & stay ahead of your competition. Feel free to contact us for details or request a demo !