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Warehouse Management System Increases delivery efficiency of eCommerce stores

For any manufacturing, distribution, or retail company, warehouses form the main part of their supply chain. You can’t just leave a warehouse saying it’s a place that houses products and materials, you need to pay attention from the structure to Racking, Sorting & Housing things within it. Here the process of storing the received goods in the prescribed shelf mistakes in allocation will often lead to mistakes in picking & shipping the goods from the inventory, as so you need to perform allocation accurately.

By owing a warehouse management system (WMS) you can gain full visibility into different functions of the warehouse in real-time, for ex. inventory being received, orders being packed, shipments being labeled, exact locations in which you store them, pick lists for each picker to retrieve items in the most efficient way. With this warehouse management system, you can reduce the physical steps you would follow to get from one place to the next and routing everything in a streamlined way.

WMS Technology solution allows 3PL’s warehouse, Logistics company warehouse to search for order status & gain transparency across subsequent processing of picking and shipping from inventory.  It also helps user to keep tab on real-time inventory levels, pinpoint the exact location among the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) and retrieve quickly.

ROI Gained by using Warehouse Management System

  • Gain Inventory visibility against orders
  • Reduces manual paperwork processes
  • Optimize resources & achieve business objectives
  • Improve credibility & reduce returns
  • Save on inventory holding cost

Putting together, this solution facilitates you receive inventory more efficiently, pack boxes quicker, and deliver more orders on time. If you are curious about “Warehouse Digitalization,” give us a call on our number or write us an email or simply drop us an enquiry.