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Logistics Management Made Easy with Business Intelligence Tools

Information management is becoming one that could mean the success, or weakness of your business. Business Intelligence (BI) tools helps users make more effective data-driven decisions. By making use of this businesses can identify areas that need operational improvement, recognize different types of trends prevailing in the businesses or markets, create competitive advantages over others who fail to analyze raw data for information. In fact making use of this tools in Transportation Logistics would increase operational efficiency and help determine new revenue potentials.

Technologies are key tools to support businesses cope up with rapidly changing customer needs, market conditions and predict a clear forecast of their business plans. To gain end-to-end visibility supply chain industry clients must manage all operations with unimaginable levels of optimization. For this to happen, make the best use of BI tools such as interactive dashboards, predictive analytics, custom reporting, shipment tracking, freight invoicing, global control tower capabilities and focus on those KPIs that mean the most to your business.

StoreNShipFast product comprises of business Intelligence tools that can help you manage your logistics in freight forwarding. Below listed are ways to analyse your Logistics data using SNSF BI tools and ensure smooth running of operations in a timely, and cost-effective manner

  • Integration with other key modules like warehouse, transportation
  • Analyse Freight transportation costs and carrier trends
  • Explore International forwarding modes, costs, and trends
  • Evaluate carrier performance metrics
  • Track Freight Invoice Accuracy and disputes
  • Do Lane & mode analysis
  • Easily do Vendor Shipping Compliance
  • Know about warehouse stock and inventory trends
  • Pool distributions and product roll-out measurements
  • Powerful dashboard and reporting

With SNSF in place you can comprehend the large-scale data, do real-time analytics and gather insights required to save countless hours spent to resolve problems. To improve profits in the highly priced competitive world of shipping implement SNSF, Web based Logistics ERP solution. Contact us to Watch a demo.