Logistics User Management System for Enhancing & Securing your Supplychain Operation

Logistic user management system


The client is a leading logistics company in the manufacturing and supply chain industry, with a global presence and a strong commitment to excellence in their operations. Their logistics operation plays a pivotal role in ensuring the efficient movement of goods, making them a critical player in their industry.

Problem Outline

The client faced several challenges in their logistics operation, primarily related to user management system for logistics within their software application:

Problem Awareness: The organization had numerous users with varying roles and responsibilities. They lacked granular access control, making it challenging to define who could access specific resources, perform certain actions, or access particular features within the system.

Information or Solution Search: Users struggled with accessing the application based on their roles, leading to inefficiencies and frustration.

Solution Evaluation: The client needed a solution that could handle user authentication effectively. They also required a system that could define and enforce user roles, permissions, and access controls for different resources and functionalities. Their current User Management System (UMS) lacked robust security features, putting them at risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.

Solution Summary

The implementation of a comprehensive User Management System (UMS) addressed these challenges effectively. The new improved UMS offers:

  • Enhanced Security: Robust security features ensure the protection of user data and sensitive information, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.
  • Efficiency: The UMS streamlines user authentication and access, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced operational bottlenecks.
  • Compliance: The system enables the client to adhere to industry regulations and compliance standards, safeguarding against legal risks with identity access management.
  • User Satisfaction: Granular access control, user authentication and an intuitive interface have improved user satisfaction, leading to increased productivity and morale.


The User Management System (UMS) solution integrated offers a multitude of benefits to our client’s system and operations:

  • Expertise: The solution is backed by expertise in UMS technology and best practices.
  • Customization: We tailor the UMS to meet the client’s specific needs and workflows.
  • Proactive Security: Our commitment to proactive security measures ensures that the client’s data and information are safeguarded and to handle various protocols to connect users to resources.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The solution offers cost savings through increased operational efficiency.
  • Measurable Results: The client sees quantifiable improvements in user experience, satisfaction, and security.
  • User Satisfaction: A client-centric approach has resulted in high levels of satisfaction and long-term partnership.
  • Continuous Improvement: We stay at the forefront of UMS technology, ensuring our client benefits from the latest advancements.
  • Industry Recognition: Our solutions have garnered industry recognition, further affirming our reputation as a trusted UMS solution provider.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, our User Management System (UMS) solution empowers organizations like our client to excel, ensuring security, compliance, efficiency, and user satisfaction in logistics and supply chain management. To help you analyze and identify the right solution for your business, ask for a product demo and at your convenience..


Automated Warehouse Management Solution to Digitize Logistics Operations

Automated Warehouse Management Solution


Logistics Industry client providing world-class logistics services over years with customer centricity aiming to adopt cloud based automated Warehouse Management Solution and shift their business proposition considerably.

Business Requirement

Their requirement was an automated Warehouse Management Solution to maintain.

  • Tracking container movement & location
  • Freight document sharing facilities to the customer with ease
  • Unique products and pallet type against principal and manufacturer
  • Bulk product maintenance, pack list tracking and sales order entry

Solution Summary

We with industry expertise provided them with our cloud-based WMS solution that had numerous features, including search, dashboard, product maintenance etc. Based on their business need we also took up tasks like new development to meet business challenges, few customizations to our existing application. Our automated Warehouse Management Solution enabled to do unlock true potential by enabling them to do easy transaction, tracking etc. In fact, it possessed all necessary functions they required — warehouse location allocation, goods location tracking, product maintenance, sales order entry, stock level tracking, Stock Maintenance, Stock Check etc.

SNSF application features communication reliable, allowed all operations to be automated within the application with multi-users, above all it facilitated the client to handle all kinds of warehouse transaction such as maintenance, tracking and allocation seamlessly.

Benefits of Automated Warehouse Management;

  • Consolidation of data silos
  • Ensured one stop solution for all logistics requirement
  • Save space and allocate inventory in the right location
  • Automated allocation and location tracking of goods in ease
  • Easy Data Import and export services with detailed reporting is dealt
  • Real time tracking monitoring of the stock availability in a single click

Finally, our Logistics ERP Software assisted them to manage and optimize their internal warehouse management operations smoothly. Do you own a logistics business or have a warehouse? Contact Us to get a Free Demo.

Depot Management Solution customized to meet Logistics supply chain needs in UAE

Depot Management Solution


A logistics company in UAE providing end to end supply chain solutions. They support all aspects of clients supply chain requirement & ensure to safely transport goods across boundaries.

Problem Outline

Their Project Manager approached us seeking solution for Digitizing & centralizing the below processes in their Depot and keep enhancing the features to manage process seamlessly & save time / money.

  • Maintaining container activity & history with less human intervention
  • Record container damage & Inspection services
  • Agreement to Maintenance & Repair estimation of container
  • Get to know accurate invoice billing

Solution Summary

We provided them our Depot Management Software solution featured with updated technology to track & manage end to end activity of container / depot including storage and handling. Further, we provided them necessary support to do various customization based on user requirement and industry expertise.

Features of Depot Management Software Solution;

  • Helps to calculate the costs of all necessary operations
  • Keeping records of entire operation and maintenance of containers
  • Overview of the facility’s maintenance and storage cycles
  • Managing transactions related to container equipment conversion and repair
  • Streamlined storage handling to enhance productivity & reduce costs

With this integrated Logistics ERP solution client was able to gain control and data visibility of the supply chain.

Key Benefits of Depot Management Software Solution

  • Saves employee time by searching through stacks of papers
  • Synchronizes inter financial accounting & invoicing information
  • Automate depot operations & manage M&R with ease
  • Real time tracking, monitoring, estimation of the container repair /leasing

To utilize our supply chain and logistics technology solutions for  your Depot Management & operations and keep your customers updated on order statuses in real time, contact us we will enable you to better serve your logistics customers.

Gain business agility with Our Warehouse Management System

Gain business agility with Warehouse Management System


A well-established logistics solutions company offering complete range of services by partnering with clients throughout their shipment lifecycle.

Problem Outline

Client’s warehouse supervisor was facing difficulty to maintain stock, make the best use of their Inventory space for racking & picking, so they were seeking for an integrated solution that automates the entire logistics operations and enables them to operate smoothly. In specific, they need a warehouse inventory management system to streamline the operations of their existing warehouses.

Solution Summary

We provided them with WMS Software and enabled them to optimise and streamline the flow of products in and out of their warehouse. By using this cutting edge stock management system they could gain overall control, visibility improve service levels to end customer.

  • Helps user to get accurate data of stocks in real time, and also view trends and respond to changing market demands without losing out on sales opportunities
  • Allows user to handle stock using QR codes, RFID scanners and identify an accurate location to keep all products ready to set off on the journey to the customers
  • Do Cross docking and move orders directly from the receiving dock to the shipping dock without placing items on selves
  • Assess product placement regularly and adjust your warehouse layout seasonally or as demand changes

Besides, this warehouse inventory management helped the client to manage their warehouse operations seamlessly, save money through avoiding excess stock and decrease the time taken to fulfil an order by applying different inventory management strategies. The back-office processes involved with stock & sales order management are often time-consuming, but with the right WMS software you could, decreases the risk of human error, increases efficiency and saves time and money on manual labour.


  • Helps Optimize storage space and make room for new products
  • Enables track Inventory & enhance customer Loyalty
  • Enhanced Pick / Pack shipping effectiveness
  • Access the data anytime, anywhere using mobile devices
  • Provide detailed reporting to support inventory forecasts

To utilize our supply chain and logistics technology solutions and keep your customers updated on order statuses in real time, contact us we will enable you to better serve your logistics customers.

Facilitating Supply Chain and Logistics Organization leverage Digitalization to meet Market Demands

Supply Chain and Logistics


A growing Supply chain and Logistics organization catering to the rising demands in the field of logistics with wide network across all major ports in India.  They aim towards providing a highly qualified, professional logistics service for their customers.

Problem Outline

Freight Manager of the Organization preferred to leverage emerging digital supply chain and logistics business models, and transform the company into a digital supply chain. They approached us enquiring automatic updates of Airline and Sealine data, IATA API integration, & automatic updates in integrated systems such as Transport, Warehousing and Clearance activities.

Solution Summary

We supported them with custom built SaaS Logistics Management Software application that enabled them to integrate IATA through API. This technology solution automates all areas in supply chain management and ensures smooth operation of the business and it is more than just avoiding a risk. IATA integration assisted to connect the largest possible number of air carriers in a single network. With this solution in place transport service providers were able to pull in data from external servers and display shipping information to you or your customers.

Data integration between source and customer portals / systems worked in harmony to offer both higher efficiency and superior customer service. By capitalizing on this application with updated technology client could drive efficiency reduce the overall costs and streamline the supply chain. Besides, you could fetch live data alerts at every step of the transit journey. Precise MIS reports help transit service providers to reduce the need for businesses to hold inventory for long duration.

Benefits of Digitalization for Supply Chain and Logistics

  • Accelerates the supply chain and eliminates human error
  • Huge improvements in the effectiveness helped avoiding risk
  • Reduction in manual processes saved vast amounts of time and money
  • Report transit status to clients and connect the right truckers to the right shipments
  • Enhance service levels & enabled us to carve a niche for themselves in the industry

To utilize our supply chain and logistics technology solutions and keep your customers updated on order statuses in real time, contact us we will enable you to better serve your logistics customers.

End-to-End visibility for Air Freight Forwarders using Aviation Stack API Integration

Aviation Stack API integration


An established Air freight forwarding company operating in countries worldwide with International counterparts understanding the changing requirements aims to provides personal attention to every client’s individual needs.

Problem Outline

They were in need of automation software solution to streamline & align their activities, efficiently manage crucial documents entire business from Shipment Quotation to Real-time EDI Tracking. They preferred for a cloud based Freight Forwarding Software Solution that support maximize visibility to freight forwarders & customers to track shipments in real-time.

Solution Summary

We provided them with advanced air freight forwarding software that supports all processes for handling air cargo, including real-time tracking, with this freight forwarding software client can do track extensive flight data that provides greater transparency and better customer experiences. With this up to date data they could gain transparency required to make data driven decision. Having this cloud based logistics solution client can manage the entire operation saves time and reduces errors by allowing one-time data entry. Our easy to use solution enabled business growth.

Aviation Stack API integration in Freight Forwarding Software empowered them to do airport lookup, get historical flight data, optimal no containers at each touch point aviation tax, airline routes, airplane lookup and much more that captures the key aviation metrics needed for better modeling, efficient workflows, and locating new optimization opportunities faster than ever before.

To automate systems and streamline workflows in freight forwarding operations, contact us. We can give you a product demo.

Client Testimonial

By adopting this Freight forwarding software solution from SnSF we could digitalize our daily air freight operations whereas eliminate manual paperwork processes. Leveraging this solution with Aviation Stack API integration has improved our customer service.

Cloud based Freight forwarding solution helps to go Digital & Automate Shipping Operations

cloud based freight forwarding solution


Air & sea freight forwarder aiming to meet the growing demand as a reliable global logistics partner. Having developed a detailed understanding about client’s business aimed offer them end-to-end logistic, legal, warehousing & distribution solutions.

Problem Outline

Operations Manager was on the lookout for a Logistics ERP software to digitalize and manage their operations seamlessly by integration AI, & machine learning. To make all aspects of import & export simpler & cost effective they need process automation, gain real time insights into operations & to provide hassle-free booking and tracking of freight.

Solution Summary 

Our Logistic ERP software eliminates multiple dependencies as it’s an integrated one. In fact it supports speedy management of supply. It’s a comprehensive software that empowers client to manage end to end supply in a highly secured manner. Now with this they can track real time status of transit and thereby gain better control over various other in-house operations.

To improve customer service practices we furnished them with cloud based logistics solution that automated their manual work & allowed them gain up to date data, transparency. This solution had features to integrate with 3rd party application, get freight rates automatically, monitor shipment condition etc. with automated quotation system they witnessed business growth.

Cloud based Freight forwarding solution helped them do documentations, to improve communication between client and service provider. This comprehensive solution enabled them to share the shipment information electronically with their agents & their international offices. Their clients were able to use it as it had user friendly interface. On the whole our solution helped streamlining their supply processes and increase the efficiency and profitability of operations.

Benefits of Cloud Based Freight Forwarding Solution

    • Perfectly Optimized Structure of a Transport Network
    • Optimal number of containers at every touch-point
    • Auto Email trigger to Customer
    • Easy to create the rule for routing order
    • Track the finance and accounting details efficient and fast
    • Maintaining Clearance & Forwarding Jobs
    • Integrated with Transport & Document Management

To integrate our End to end cloud based freight forwarding solution to empower and ease the freight forwarding industry with digital potency contact us.

Client Testimonial

With SnSF‘s cloud based freight forwarding solution managing logistics has become quite easy & stress free. Customization & integrations the team did simplified our workflow. This system significantly reduced our time spent in documentation & increased our competitiveness.

Ideal Freight Forwarding Solution offered to a global Air and Sea Freight Forwarder

Freight Forwarding Solution


Client provides Global Air & Sea freight forwarding services to companies big & small worldwide. Their C&F services ensure professionalism, they help their clients navigate through all key freight documents and also for any confusion that come across the way.

Problem Outline

Client major challenge was data redundancy caused by multiple entries of the same address in their database, inconsistent data, wasted space, and effort to maintain data. They were in need of information technology platform that helps streamline their time intensive business processes and workflows, help them eliminate errors in manual data entry and the need for a variety of data quality checks.

Solution Summary 

We having understood the client’s need for streamlining entire freight forwarding operations, processing large amount of data starting from task assignment to task management helped them digitize. Now they electronically communicate the real time shipment information with their customers, partners, agents & international offices.

With our Freight Forwarding Solution client configures mail template based on agent needs, defines multiple level approval processes, easily maintains clearance & forwarding jobs, Fastly tracks the finance & accounts details, creates the rule for routing order, assists with complete quotation management and improve business productivity.

User friendly features include the following 

  • Auto Email trigger to customer
  • Organize, Track, routing Order & maintain log with agent status
  • View analytics for improvement
  • Get cargo arrival information

Results / Benefits

  • Maximize efficiency through workflow integration & automation of manual process
  • Streamline all activities across disciplines – data entry, Accounting, Customer support
  • Optimize the entire business management and thereby reduce errors & cost

An efficient platform to plan & simplify operational execution for all stakeholders to operate at the highest level of efficiency.To learn more about Store’n Ship Fast’s Freight forwarding Solution make sure to visit our website and analyze your data to identify specific areas for additional cost savings and performance enhancements.

Client Testimonial

The Solution provided helped us deal with data redundancy and stay competitive in the industry, handle most challenging tasks easily.

Overcome Transport Management System Operational Challenges

Transport Management System


3PL company providing range of distribution, storage, transport and fulfillment Services to customers. Having big network of Branches / Warehouses / Fleets & elaborate ground infrastructure client undertakes multiple logistics related operations.

Problem Outline 

Transport coordinators in 3PL Logistics distribution face operational challenges in transportation as customers expect on-time delivery, they have to plan for consolidated or dedicated trip that will assist them in determining the optimal service mix for them to improve the cost efficiency. To improve productivity & to increase the cost efficiency of the system it’s essential to improve communication & reduce information silos, have real-time access into insight. For this to happen, we provided them our transportation management software that can automate & streamline their transportation operations easily without any hassle.

Solution Summary

Transport Management System from SNSF has immensely helped the client streamline their operations by managing your vehicle fleet and planning your transport schedules. Installation of this Transport Management Software System helps solve the end to end business challenges in 3rd party and own transportations as well. Easily integrates with your existing Accounting, CRM, ERP and Quotation Management System and empowers every stakeholder in the supply chain to have full visibility of critical information in real-time. Report analysis helps strategically position companies for decreased spend and increased service levels.

Brings increased visibility to manage vehicle from malfunctioning, enables plan transport related compliance ahead to avoid unnecessary issues. Harness mobile apps to maintain clear communication, besides send push notifications on market delivery timing which ultimately helps track data then & there. Enables control the documents submitted to customs for clearance, managing inspections and deposits paid against the Standing Guarantee. By using new technologies, you could proactively track shipments and manage exceptions.

Benefits of Transport Management System

  • Ensure better service to them
  • Save up to 25% on distribution costs
  • Avoid human errors and have an accurate forecast
  • Efficiently plan and route your daily deliveries & collections

To learn more about SNSF’s Transport Management System make sure to visit our website and analyze your data to identify specific areas for additional cost savings and performance enhancements.

Client Testimonial 

An efficient platform to plan & simplify operational execution for all stakeholders to operate at the highest level of efficiency.

” Transport Manager ”

Gain speed across all your Transportation Management Operations

transport management operations


A large transportation provider with widespread operations and large fleets of vehicles approached us to improve their operations and business as a whole. They needed to improve upon their speed of operations, internal efficiencies and also customer service to remain competitive in a challenging market, besides facing disruption.

Problem Outline

The transport manager needed to cut down the costs on fuel consumption, transport and labor management. The management wanted to sort out the challenges in streamlining transport operations. The internal inefficiencies were reflecting in delayed customer service. The managers wanted a solution to solve all these issues. Obviously the solution lies in adopting a Remote Logistics Management solution software that can be integrated with the existing system. They also needed solution to plan consolidated and dedicated trips, risk management etc.

Solution Summary

Transport Management System (TMS) of Store’n shipfast helps to virtually track the logistics movements of vehicles via road. It also works for both LCL (Less Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load) Containers. This module caters to Consolidated transport, Dedicated transport and Document Tracking System. The solution provided the client with the following advantages.

  • Consolidated and dedicated trip for vehicles scheduled easily with the software
  • Scheduling and Tracking Trips for Transporters & Customers done easily
  • Mobile App for driver & E-Signature facility for tracking, better customer experience
  • Easy to integrate with your existing Accounting, CRM, ERP
  • A comprehensive solution to manage complete logistics operations
  • Remote operation management provision for crisis
  • Streamline all processes on a single platform and factor the Labor costs.

Outcome / Result

Our logistic ERP solution meets the challenges of multi-warehouse, multi-site and multi-customer logistics operations. Enabled them to automate services, ensure on time delivery that remained a challenge to successfully manage the transportation management operations.

  • The software solution improved Customer Service
  • Clear insight into complete core KPIs of Transportation business
  • Get clear Insight on the company’s business requirements
  • Easy Customization and Scalability inline with the company’s business need
  • An all-inclusive platform to manage & complement logistics operations
  • Increased supply chain Transparency upto 68%
  • Saves cost and spend on multiple software/services
  • Better collaboration to manage different solutions and integrate the output
  • Integrated with existing Accounting, CRM, ERP
  • Helps to manage vehicle and transport related compliance online
  • Mobile app for drivers for real time updates

To learn more about SNSF’s Transportation Management Software  System make a visit and browse through our website just to help you analyze and identify the specific areas for extra cost savings and performance improvements.

Client Testimonial

“One thing that stood out when we started using the software was the transparency and the helpfulness of being able to guide us along what’s best for us. We were able to come up with new ideas and initiatives to improve things.”

– Transport Coordinator.

Comprehensive 3PL Solution for all your Logistics needs

3PL Solution


The client who approached us operated in Logistics & Distribution sector and offered 3PL logistics to their customers. They had multiple operations in logistics and transportation, operating through their large network of warehouses, vehicles, branches and elaborate infrastructure that needed to be managed efficiently for better results.

Problem Outline

The client was facing operational challenges in managing their business operations and was suffering from poor operational efficiencies. For a large company with multiple operations, data redundancy is another issue they were facing. They had various business rules, multiple approvals in multiple systems, for a single objective. They had difficulty to understand the inference and for a holistic view of reports via dash boards.

There was the issue of maintaining a physical storage location for the cache of documents and to ensure the safe and secured document storage for each logistics operation. The lack of collaboration between the different divisions was another problem running parallel in its operations, such as warehouse management system, transportation management, freight forwarding, quotation management, etc. This leads to data redundancy which the staff who are managing the logistics had to tackle. The company had to streamline and accelerate the complete Logistics Business Processes

Solution Summary

  • The answer is the introduction of an integrated software to bring all data sources together, as in the SNSF software.
  •  Integrated software eliminates multiple dependencies and ensures the safe and secured storage of document for each logistics operation with access rights and quick retrieval.
  • SNSF has the capability to store multiple documents like invoice, compliance, agreements, circulars, etc. in a centralized repository which stores, manages & tracks the content organized digitally.
  • The software helps to streamline and accelerate the Business Processes effectively using the web-based Logistics ERP solution.

Outcome / Result

  • Ability to handle huge volume of data by using the SNSF software
  • Supports multiple file type like image, pdf, doc, excel, etc.
  • Facility for quick document search with barcode, QR code.
  • Integrated software allows you to focus on operations with one solution.
  • Improved employee productivity.
  • Real-time visibility of operations made easy.
  • Streamlines all approval processes with a single platform
  • Remote operation management during a crisis possible.

All about SNSF’s Transportation Management Software  System is available on our website. To help you analyze and identify the areas for cost savings and performance, ask for a product demo and we’ll be ready to help.

Client Testimonial

“We were having a lot of challenges, but with this software we are able to fulfill our needs quickly and accurately. We appreciate the flexibility we get to change our operations’ capabilities and strengthen our core business.”


Save cost by efficiently managing logistics operations remotely


The company involved in Logistics & Distribution provide 3PL logistics to their customers through their large network of Warehouse, Fleets, branches and elaborate infrastructure and manages multiple operations in logistics and transportation.

Problem Outline

The client is facing an operational challenge due to the need for entering same data multiple times in different process which leads to time loss & reduced productivity.

To meet the business rules, they were in need of receiving multiple approvals in multiple system for a single objective.

Since they are using different solutions for each operation –warehouse management, transportation management, freight forwarding, quotation management, etc the cost Spending on infrastructure was high.

Solution Summary

  • A comprehensive solution to manage complete logistics operations

Our logistic ERP solutions are built to meet the challenges presented by multi-warehouse, multi-site and multi-customer logistics operations. Logistics and transport divisions can organize the system to suit the requirements of different clients. with strong integration capabilities that offer data exchange.

  • Remote operation management, proven during pandemic

With our software in place the company managers can make the right decisions to remotely operate logistics and transport operations providing full visibility and access to real-time data to save cost and efforts.

  • Streamline all approval processes on a single platform

Any logistic company needs to formally approve many work related digital documents to keep the process going and our 3PL software system can automate and streamline the approval process much better as it is integrated in the same platform and supports the workflow.

  • Saves cost & spend on IT services

Since SNSF software runs on a single platform, it opens avenues to save costs, reduce duplication and remove redundant processes, by integrating the multi-user systems in all parts and stages of the total operations of the client.

  • Addresses the lack of collaboration in managing different solutions and integrating the output

SNSF has vastly helped the client streamline operations by managing all parts of vehicle fleet management and planning of transport schedules. The system is one solution to drive collaboration between different solutions in warehouse and transport to integrate the outputs required.

Outcome / Result

  • Streamline all approval processes with a single platform
  • An all-inclusive platform to manage & complement logistics operations
  • Remote operation management in a crisis
  • Saves cost spend on IT services
  • Better collaboration to manage different solutions and integrate the output
  • Integrated with existing Accounting, CRM, ERP and Quotation management system
  • Additionally, manage vehicle and transport related compliance online
  • Proven track record of handling 10000 transactions every week
  • Mobile app for drivers for real time updates

Client Testimonial

With SNSF logistics software systems synchronized the work of WMS, TMS got optimized, forwarding agents and 3PL coordinators of Logistics & distribution industry were able to speed up delivery services, cut down on expenditures.

To learn more about SNSF’s Logistics Management Software  System make a visit  Request for free Demo just to help you analyze and identify the specific areas for extra cost savings and performance improvements.