Comprehensive 3PL Solution for all your Logistics needs

The client who approached us operated in Logistics & Distribution sector and offered 3PL logistics to their customers.

Introduction The client who approached us operated in Logistics & Distribution sector and offered 3PL logistics to their customers. They had multiple operations in logistics and transportation, operating through their large network of warehouses, vehicles, branches and elaborate infrastructure that needed to be managed efficiently for better results. Problem Outline The client was facing operational challenges in managing their business operations and was suffering from poor operational efficiencies. For a large company with multiple operations, data redundancy is another issue they were facing. They had various business rules, multiple approvals in multiple systems, for a single objective. They had difficulty to understand the inference and for a holistic view of reports via dash boards. There was the issue of maintaining a physical storage location for the cache of documents and to ensure the safe and secured document storage for each logistics operation. The lack of collaboration between the different divisions was another problem running parallel in its operations, such as warehouse management system, transportation management, freight forwarding, quotation management, etc. This leads to data redundancy which the staff who are managing the logistics had to tackle. The company had to streamline and accelerate the complete Logistics Business Processes Solution Summary

  • The answer is the introduction of an integrated software to bring all data sources together, as in the SNSF software.
  •  Integrated software eliminates multiple dependencies and ensures the safe and secured storage of document for each logistics operation with access rights and quick retrieval.
  • SNSF has the capability to store multiple documents like invoice, compliance, agreements, circulars, etc. in a centralized repository which stores, manages & tracks the content organized digitally.
  • The software helps to streamline and accelerate the Business Processes effectively using the web-based Logistics ERP solution.
Outcome / Result
  • Ability to handle huge volume of data by using the SNSF software
  • Supports multiple file type like image, pdf, doc, excel, etc.
  • Facility for quick document search with barcode, QR code.
  • Integrated software allows you to focus on operations with one solution.
  • Improved employee productivity.
  • Real-time visibility of operations made easy.
  • Streamlines all approval processes with a single platform
  • Remote operation management during a crisis possible.
All about SNSF’s Transportation Management Software  System is available on our website. To help you analyze and identify the areas for cost savings and performance, ask for a product demo and we’ll be ready to help. Client Testimonial "We were having a lot of challenges, but with this software we are able to fulfill our needs quickly and accurately. We appreciate the flexibility we get to change our operations’ capabilities and strengthen our core business."