Automated Warehouse Management Solution to Digitize Logistics Operations


Logistics Industry client providing world-class logistics services over years with customer centricity aiming to adopt cloud based automated Warehouse Management Solution and shift their business proposition considerably.

Business Requirement

Their requirement was an automated Warehouse Management Solution to maintain.

  • Tracking container movement & location
  • Freight document sharing facilities to the customer with ease
  • Unique products and pallet type against principal and manufacturer
  • Bulk product maintenance, pack list tracking and sales order entry

Solution Summary

We with industry expertise provided them with our cloud-based WMS solution that had numerous features, including search, dashboard, product maintenance etc. Based on their business need we also took up tasks like new development to meet business challenges, few customizations to our existing application. Our automated Warehouse Management Solution enabled to do unlock true potential by enabling them to do easy transaction, tracking etc. In fact, it possessed all necessary functions they required -- warehouse location allocation, goods location tracking, product maintenance, sales order entry, stock level tracking, Stock Maintenance, Stock Check etc.

SNSF application features communication reliable, allowed all operations to be automated within the application with multi-users, above all it facilitated the client to handle all kinds of warehouse transaction such as maintenance, tracking and allocation seamlessly.

Benefits of Automated Warehouse Management;

  • Consolidation of data silos
  • Ensured one stop solution for all logistics requirement
  • Save space and allocate inventory in the right location
  • Automated allocation and location tracking of goods in ease
  • Easy Data Import and export services with detailed reporting is dealt
  • Real time tracking monitoring of the stock availability in a single click

Finally, our Logistics ERP Software assisted them to manage and optimize their internal warehouse management operations smoothly. Do you own a logistics business or have a warehouse? Contact Us to get a Free Demo.