Depot Management Solution customized to meet Logistics supply chain needs in UAE


A logistics company in UAE providing end to end supply chain solutions. They support all aspects of clients supply chain requirement & ensure to safely transport goods across boundaries.

Problem Outline

Their Project Manager approached us seeking solution for Digitizing & centralizing the below processes in their Depot and keep enhancing the features to manage process seamlessly & save time / money.

  • Maintaining container activity & history with less human intervention
  • Record container damage & Inspection services
  • Agreement to Maintenance & Repair estimation of container
  • Get to know accurate invoice billing

Solution Summary

We provided them our Depot Management Software solution featured with updated technology to track & manage end to end activity of container / depot including storage and handling. Further, we provided them necessary support to do various customization based on user requirement and industry expertise.

Features of Depot Management Software Solution;

  • Helps to calculate the costs of all necessary operations
  • Keeping records of entire operation and maintenance of containers
  • Overview of the facility's maintenance and storage cycles
  • Managing transactions related to container equipment conversion and repair
  • Streamlined storage handling to enhance productivity & reduce costs

With this integrated Logistics ERP solution client was able to gain control and data visibility of the supply chain.

Key Benefits of Depot Management Software Solution

  • Saves employee time by searching through stacks of papers
  • Synchronizes inter financial accounting & invoicing information
  • Automate depot operations & manage M&R with ease
  • Real time tracking, monitoring, estimation of the container repair /leasing
To utilize our supply chain and logistics technology solutions for  your Depot Management & operations and keep your customers updated on order statuses in real time, contact us we will enable you to better serve your logistics customers.