Facilitating Supply Chain and Logistics Organization leverage Digitalization to meet Market Demands


A growing Supply chain and Logistics organization catering to the rising demands in the field of logistics with wide network across all major ports in India.  They aim towards providing a highly qualified, professional logistics service for their customers.

Problem Outline

Freight Manager of the Organization preferred to leverage emerging digital supply chain and logistics business models, and transform the company into a digital supply chain. They approached us enquiring automatic updates of Airline and Sealine data, IATA API integration, & automatic updates in integrated systems such as Transport, Warehousing and Clearance activities.

Solution Summary

We supported them with custom built SaaS Logistics Management Software application that enabled them to integrate IATA through API. This technology solution automates all areas in supply chain management and ensures smooth operation of the business and it is more than just avoiding a risk. IATA integration assisted to connect the largest possible number of air carriers in a single network. With this solution in place transport service providers were able to pull in data from external servers and display shipping information to you or your customers.

Data integration between source and customer portals / systems worked in harmony to offer both higher efficiency and superior customer service. By capitalizing on this application with updated technology client could drive efficiency reduce the overall costs and streamline the supply chain. Besides, you could fetch live data alerts at every step of the transit journey. Precise MIS reports help transit service providers to reduce the need for businesses to hold inventory for long duration.

Benefits of Digitalization for Supply Chain and Logistics

  • Accelerates the supply chain and eliminates human error
  • Huge improvements in the effectiveness helped avoiding risk
  • Reduction in manual processes saved vast amounts of time and money
  • Report transit status to clients and connect the right truckers to the right shipments
  • Enhance service levels & enabled us to carve a niche for themselves in the industry
To utilize our supply chain and logistics technology solutions and keep your customers updated on order statuses in real time, contact us we will enable you to better serve your logistics customers.