Cloud based Freight forwarding solution helps to go Digital & Automate Shipping Operations


Air & sea freight forwarder aiming to meet the growing demand as a reliable global logistics partner. Having developed a detailed understanding about client’s business aimed offer them end-to-end logistic, legal, warehousing & distribution solutions.

Problem Outline

Operations Manager was on the lookout for a Logistics ERP software to digitalize and manage their operations seamlessly by integration AI, & machine learning. To make all aspects of import & export simpler & cost effective they need process automation, gain real time insights into operations & to provide hassle-free booking and tracking of freight.

Solution Summary 

Our Logistic ERP software eliminates multiple dependencies as it’s an integrated one. In fact it supports speedy management of supply. It’s a comprehensive software that empowers client to manage end to end supply in a highly secured manner. Now with this they can track real time status of transit and thereby gain better control over various other in-house operations.

To improve customer service practices we furnished them with cloud based logistics solution that automated their manual work & allowed them gain up to date data, transparency. This solution had features to integrate with 3rd party application, get freight rates automatically, monitor shipment condition etc. with automated quotation system they witnessed business growth.

Cloud based Freight forwarding solution helped them do documentations, to improve communication between client and service provider. This comprehensive solution enabled them to share the shipment information electronically with their agents & their international offices. Their clients were able to use it as it had user friendly interface. On the whole our solution helped streamlining their supply processes and increase the efficiency and profitability of operations.

Benefits of Cloud Based Freight Forwarding Solution

    • Perfectly Optimized Structure of a Transport Network
    • Optimal number of containers at every touch-point
    • Auto Email trigger to Customer
    • Easy to create the rule for routing order
    • Track the finance and accounting details efficient and fast
    • Maintaining Clearance & Forwarding Jobs
    • Integrated with Transport & Document Management
To integrate our End to end cloud based freight forwarding solution to empower and ease the freight forwarding industry with digital potency contact us.

Client Testimonial

With SnSF's cloud based freight forwarding solution managing logistics has become quite easy & stress free. Customization & integrations the team did simplified our workflow. This system significantly reduced our time spent in documentation & increased our competitiveness.