SaaS model TMS solution provided for a Logistics Service Provider to meet their 3PL needs


A renowned logistics service provider in Singapore region aiming to build a growing portfolio of satisfied customers by offering them a platform (SaaS TMS solution) and appropriate tools for expanding their supply chain collaboration.

Business Requirement

As client base grew in size and as business complexity increased, its legacy transportation management system (SaaS TMS solution) had trouble in scaling up with the business or wasn’t ready to support the diverse client needs. The TMS vendor announced it would not support 3PLs and so client was looking for a Transport Management Software that could meet the flexibility it required , the growing 3PL needs and differentiate its services.

Solution Provided

We provided our SaaS TMS solution ( Transportation Management System ), the right fits in terms of cost and functionality and added value. By enabling this new initiative, the client could better serve their customers, by minimizing the inbound lead time, effectively coordinating with the shipping agents, transport carriers, customs agents, etc. This is a win-win relationship for them, as they could conduct their business in a more efficient and economical way, meet their customers rising needs without any complexity at reduced cost, as well have fair profit. This digitally & physically interconnected space gives users a greater ability to flex for any demand, bring on new customers, upgrade service and much more.

Benefits of SaaS TMS Solution

  • Cut on-boarding time for new customers by several weeks
  • Reduce customers’ freight spend while improving customer service
  • Enable differentiated transportation services and attract new customers
  • Customized services and pricing models along with excellent customer service
  • Improved Ability to handle their complex and varied logistics requirements
  • Unique savings opportunity that involved multi-stop truckload combined with pool distribution