Save cost by efficiently managing logistics operations remotely

Introduction The company involved in Logistics & Distribution provide 3PL logistics to their customers through their large network of Warehouse, Fleets, branches and elaborate infrastructure and manages multiple operations in logistics and transportation. Problem Outline The client is facing an operational challenge due to the need for entering same data multiple times in different process which leads to time loss & reduced productivity. To meet the business rules, they were in need of receiving multiple approvals in multiple system for a single objective. Since they are using different solutions for each operation -warehouse management, transportation management, freight forwarding, quotation management, etc the cost Spending on infrastructure was high. Solution Summary

  • A comprehensive solution to manage complete logistics operations
Our logistic ERP solutions are built to meet the challenges presented by multi-warehouse, multi-site and multi-customer logistics operations. Logistics and transport divisions can organize the system to suit the requirements of different clients. with strong integration capabilities that offer data exchange.
  • Remote operation management, proven during pandemic
With our software in place the company managers can make the right decisions to remotely operate logistics and transport operations providing full visibility and access to real-time data to save cost and efforts.
  • Streamline all approval processes on a single platform
Any logistic company needs to formally approve many work related digital documents to keep the process going and our 3PL software system can automate and streamline the approval process much better as it is integrated in the same platform and supports the workflow.
  • Saves cost & spend on IT services
Since SNSF software runs on a single platform, it opens avenues to save costs, reduce duplication and remove redundant processes, by integrating the multi-user systems in all parts and stages of the total operations of the client.
  • Addresses the lack of collaboration in managing different solutions and integrating the output
SNSF has vastly helped the client streamline operations by managing all parts of vehicle fleet management and planning of transport schedules. The system is one solution to drive collaboration between different solutions in warehouse and transport to integrate the outputs required. Outcome / Result
  • Streamline all approval processes with a single platform
  • An all-inclusive platform to manage & complement logistics operations
  • Remote operation management in a crisis
  • Saves cost spend on IT services
  • Better collaboration to manage different solutions and integrate the output
  • Integrated with existing Accounting, CRM, ERP and Quotation management system
  • Additionally, manage vehicle and transport related compliance online
  • Proven track record of handling 10000 transactions every week
  • Mobile app for drivers for real time updates
Client Testimonial With SNSF logistics software systems synchronized the work of WMS, TMS got optimized, forwarding agents and 3PL coordinators of Logistics & distribution industry were able to speed up delivery services, cut down on expenditures. To learn more about SNSF’s Logistics Management Software  System make a visit  Request for free Demo just to help you analyze and identify the specific areas for extra cost savings and performance improvements.