How to save accounting staff time management in Logistics?


The Client involved in steel production business for Western Europe countries, currently they have 5 production units and they manage the stocks on their own warehouses. Now to cut down the additional costs, he is looking to opt for 3rd party warehouses on demand.

Business Requirement

They were gaining greater efficiency in warehouse operations, but when they utilize 3rd party warehouse on demand, it becomes challenging. Client found difficulty in handling accounting staff time, invoice reports, financial penalties, auditing and processing payments, etc.  Therefore, the need for an automated solution came to handle own as well as 3rd party warehouses. The aim is to cut down the financial penalties caused due to difficulties faced during operational and processing payment.

Solution Provided

We provided the warehouse management system along with quotation and transportation management solution of the store n ship fast application along with few customizations here and there. With the solution, client could handle the operations effectively, which can reduce the transport costs, improve the trace-ability of goods, etc.
  • Automated rate maintenance, shipment patterns and freight accruals
  • Inventory accuracy with barcode scanner
  • Manage real time information on activities like orders, shipments, receipts and goods tracking
  • Integrated accounting services to manage the payment process, including invoice disputes
  • Utilize the compliance related services for goods based on environmental changes


  • Standardization of goods entry and exit processes
  • Optimization of storage logics and more speed in order processing
  • Optimization of the production chain
  • Reduced transport costs
  • Reduction of human errors
  • Improve the trace-ability of goods