Automated Scanning System for Logistics ERP Application


The client is a leading Warehouse and Logistics Solution company from Dubai. Client also offer integrated services like transportation chains across all carriers – truck, ship or airplane that are combined with complex additional logistical services. Client also manages to provide their customers with end-to-end solutions which is enabled by infrastructure, processes and systems.

  • Easy tracking of document collection
  • Multiple document scanning & uploading
  • Document submission facility via mobile apps


To handle their clients, they are dealing with lot of documents for international clearances & other processes. Client’s need is to develop a module that could be integrated with their existing logistics ERP application. The module should be able to gather document collection / delivery requests from client account managers, allocate the tasks to messengers and scan and update them to the cloud in a secured manner.

What We Did

ANGLER to developed a web application along with Mobile App for messengers who are in the field to share the soft copies of received documents then and there. The Web application manage requests, allocate messengers and has the vital task to scan multiple documents and store them in the cloud with strong encryption.

Technologies Used


  • Easy tracking of document collection / delivery requests.
  • Easy sharing of received documents via mobile app.
  • Acknowledge (Signature from mobile app) from concerned person on delivery / receipt of a document.
  • Multiple document scan and upload in a secured manner.
  • Document handover facility via mobile app on absence