Comprehensive Warehouse Management Software Solution tailored to client business need


Client provides warehouse for rent at easy to access places in Saudi region. The variable size warehouse spaces seem to fit all your business requirements.

Business Requirement

Client was looking to adopt a logistics ERP system that would equip him to easily manage multiple warehouses & improve efficiency, decrease operational errors and scale to meet changing market demands.

Solution Provided

We gave our SNSF’s Warehouse management software, a web based application to overcome their pain points. The web application will help user to easily do analyze the stock, create & manage Quotations, track their contract bids & invoices etc. The web application provided had Costing sheet wherein user shall track the actual bid & final bid of each client. Based on the bid auto invoice has been generated and tracked based on usage. Our solution facilitated client to automate data import & export to a 3rd party data analytics software, generate stock aging report, provide complete access in quotation module to create and manage quotations along with version control and always make sure that the right data and information is available all the time in the data analytics.


  • Improves transparency across the board
  • Forecast the stock for upcoming months
  • Auto reminders on the bid amount based on invoice tracking option saves time
  • Automating the data transaction with 3rd party analytics tool increases accuracy
  • Dashboard for users helps them to track open & closed jobs, profit & loss jobs, etc.
  • Detailed reporting helps client make the most out of your WMS