Transportation Management System arrested client inefficiencies


Client is into transportation services in middle and eastern Africa region. He is having 150 + own trucks and dealing with 50+ 3rd party rental trucks and heavy vehicles.

Business Requirement

Client owns an on premise basic software to manage their transport operations. But slowly they realized that these methods consume much time, lacks accuracy, inefficient to track the goods current status on its way, document management isn’t easy and so they preferred to go for Integrated System.

Solution Provided

Our team understood that client’s need to easily manage their Transportation operations and provided SNSF, an integrated logistics ERP product   with few customizations to meet client's internal policies and work flow. Now they could make routing decisions, and custom reports that offer in-depth insights.  Further it satisfied their needs to
  • Manage both Consolidated & dedicated trips based on delivery sequence
  • Transit related quotation preparation with version control
  • Pick the optimal route from Auto-routing suggestions
  • Manage Vehicle & driver related documents
  • Manage both own & third party vehicles
  • Track delivery data on the go using Mobile enabled delivery tracking system


  • Cost of operations reduced drastically
  • Proper Quotation & Invoicing was possible
  • Multi-branch, Multi-currency support was enabled
  • On- time alerts and notifications reduced unnecessary stress
  • Eliminates costs and paperwork during the booking process.
  • Data accuracy saved lot of productive time
  • Route optimizer with driver management provided complete planning of a trip
  • Vehicle and driver related documents management becomes easy