Warehouse Management Software provided for Food Distributor in India


Client is a distributor of health and natural foods. The Food Company’s distribution zones in India weren’t organized to act in a time-efficient manner.

Business Requirement

As the client was experiencing high labor costs for transporting temperature-controlled food products between four buildings on its campus they opted for SNSF’s Warehouse management software solution that automates the process & helps control the movement and storage of materials effectively within a warehouse before the distribution processes.

Solution Provided

To overcome client's supply chain related pain points, our team did consultation and optimized the internal flow process by analyzing their material flow process & redesigning it to one distribution center with various temperature controlled zones to increase efficiency.

Further we shifted the non-mechanized system to a mechanized from paper to radio-frequency (RF) devices with voice-based technology. SNSF managed the move of $25 million of inventory and trained the company team on new system processes.  We provided our Warehouse management software solution with few customizations to ensure seamless transition at every stage of distribution, starting from storage to delivery which would not only lower their transportation cost but also support for any future upgradation that might raise to meet plans and help them keep pace with growth projections.

Benefits of Warehouse Management Software

  • Reduced labor costs by over 30%
  • Automating the process Saved time
  • Assured the stuck-free internal flow
  • Improved stock control & inventory tracking
  • WMS Implementation took minimal go-live time
  • Doubled productivity by minimizing repetitive tasks